Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas with Grannie Annie

SHERYL AND I were adopted us a few years back by Bob and Anne Mays, and we are better people for it. We get to share in the fun that is the Frank and Mays Clan without too much heavy lifting.

Christmas is a beautiful thing but it can be lonely. Memories make good company, but if loved ones are gone, well, it's an empty feeling. Bob passed away a few years ago, so on our Woodland walk Sunday afternoon, I went past his final resting place, straightened the wreath and American flag, and told Bob we missed him.

The last couple of years we've spent Christmas night with John and Nancy Frank and their kids. John is the son of Bob and Anne. At one point we were all at the table eating a fabulous meal and Nancy said, "I think Rodney wants to say something profound."

Cody tolerating Molly
Not really. I was just enjoying the family vibe. I said, "Well, I have no deep thoughts." What I should have said was, "Sheryl and I appreciate being a part of your family Christmas. We feel like we are part of this crazy crew!"

Highlights included dressing the family dog, Cody, as Santa, and the legendary White Elephant gift exchange. I got a pizza night light and I was over the moon, but Sheryl snuck it back in one of the kid's gift bags. Hey. A pizza night light is the gift that just keeps on giving.

No Christmas would be complete without Anne giving one of her grandkids an extendable fork. I got mine a few years back. It made me feel like part of the family. Sarah will now be eating off her friend's plates in San Francisco.

Thank you for a great Christmas day, John and Nancy and crew. May the new year be good to you and yours, and we'll do again next year!

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