Friday, December 2, 2016

The art of Breathe EZ Massage

SHERYL STRAINED HER back the other day cleaning up after Tucker. He finds pleasure in marinating himself in disgusting filth. He's a dog. I am not making it up. She's been miserable ever since and it's even causing headaches, and we have enough stress and challenges right now. Not that there's ever a good time to wrench your back.

Craig and Shannon Lewis were in the store the other day. Shannon is a licensed massage therapist. She and Sheryl went into our back room and Shannon stretched her out. Sheryl immediately felt better. By the end of the day she could actually walk without pain. Shannon worked a miracle!

I have had a few massages, and most were helpful. I once went to a local spa and got a massage and was sore for a week after - the person wasn't careful and pretty much just steamrolled her way through the session. But I was willing to give Shannon a try because Sheryl NEVER lets anyone touch her back and Shannon had somehow worked this miracle.

I went to see her yesterday because I have two shows this weekend and on Sunday, I will feel like crap. There's an old saying in the music business that we don't get paid to play, we get paid to set up and tear down. This is especially true with The Cheeseburgers, plus I am jumping around for three or four hours because it's a high-energy show. It used to take a day to recover. Now it takes two or three.

So I ventured over to see Shannon at Adjustin Chiropractic on Broadway. Her business is called Breathe EZ Massage. Shannon is indeed into breathing and "letting go," as she puts it. She did a lot of gentle stretching and pulling, especially on my arms. There was very little deep muscle pushing. The whole thing was very relaxing and therapeutic. She is into doing gentle pressure point stuff, and this morning my neck and shoulders are unclenched for the first time in, well ,,,, I can't even remember when I felt this good.

The whole thing was very relaxing and unhurried. Shannon definitely takes her time. I will go back, and her massages are worth every penny.

Stressed out and need to unwind? Go see Shannon. She rocks! HartLyss plays tonight at One Restaurant, and The Cheeseburgers play in Carthage Saturday night for a Christmas Party. Now I'm ready to set up and tear down, and rock and roll!

NOTE: We don't do sponsored blogs. We are very grateful to Shannon and love her but we also pay our friends and neighbors for all the great experiences they give us professionally.

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