Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Angus pulls a hammy

FLAGS ARE AT half-mast, and then they aren't. Athletes kneel during national anthems. Fires burn out of control in California. Cars are crashing at 48th and Broadway and on 24th by Chaddock.

But let's talk about something really important. Namely, Angus has pulled a hamstring.

This is serious. Angus is part cattle dog and part Corgi. He is short and squat. But he has tremendous leaping ability and his hind quarters are muscled. He keeps up with his adopted brother and sister on our walks, even though Genie and Tucker are much bigger and faster. At least three of my guitar students make sure they bring their parents to lessons, because their parents love Angus and need their Angus time during the week.

This morning, Angus pulled up lame. Normally he can jump right into Sheryl's lap or flop on the couch without issues. Now he can't. He yelped in pain when he brushed up against me. And he's just sort of waddling around, even more waddling than his usual Corgi self.
Angus resting comfortably

"We need to call the vet!" Sheryl says. "He is hurt! He might need surgery!" I might be exaggerating.

Slow down, Mother Of All Doggies. Angus is resting at my feet as we speak and he's not in any apparent distress. This might curtail his incessant demands to play fetch, not a bad thing. He just needs to take it easy and maybe get helped into the Jeep. He'll be fine.

We have experience with sick and injured dogs. Who can forget the insanity of Tucker breaking his leg a few years back? He chewed through more casts than Fleetwood Mac has had band members. And we won't even mention the final bill, which I conveniently never saw. Hush, it's paid, and that's all that matters.

So please be aware that poor Angus is on the DL and won't be able to snatch his toys out of mid-air. He's been prescribed rest and naps and belly rubs, and he'll be just fine.

You can't put a cast on a pulled hammy. Angus would just chew it off, anyway.

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