Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Misleading Twitter stuff ....

TWITTER IS BOTH a horrible and fascinating thing. So much anger and venom, yet so much unintentional comedy.

Last night a local reporter tweeted the following: "Quincy City Council members vote 8-6 to open a nightclub at 124 North 5th Street." This caught me by surprise, but actually I like the idea, because aldermen need entertainment, too. I mean, why shouldn't the city have its own bar for late night hours? It's not like there are back alley deals made all the time anyway. Now they can make them in the comfort of their own establishment.

The one thing I can see being a sticking point is letting Green Party people into the bar, but hopefully the city is open-minded enough to be all inclusive.

Wait a second ... you mean the city actually voted to allow a permit for another person? Oh. Never mind.

Also, there was another tweet about a city aldermen resigning because of an Aeronautics Committee meeting issue. This was stunning news and it's disappointing because now the aldermen spot will have to be filled and there will be one less voice heard at council meetings.

Wait a second ... you mean the aldermen resigned as the committee chairman, not as an alderman? What? Of course I didn't read the whole story, why should I do that?

I shouldn't make fun of misleading tweets. I wrote some doozy headlines back in the day, and going through old Alpena News clips last week made me cringe when seeing some of them. GUH. It happens.

And it's a good way to make sure people read the story, not just the headline or Tweet.

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