Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Family time and the football fight

I'M HEADING TO Phoenix this weekend for the Hart Sibling Summit. Sheryl is staying here to work in the store, take care of her ailing back, and to keep an eye on the hobbled Angus.

We made a vow 13 years ago to do this annually, and I've failed to keep it. So this will be the first time in a number of years I'm with my two sisters, brother and their kids on Labor Day weekend.

First of all, it's 110 in the shade in lovely Chandler, Arizona, where my brother Steve lives, so I doubt there will be a lot of movement. They have a pool and a big cooler and that's all I need. Steve's son, Riley, goes to Arizona State University and plays in the marching band, and there's a football game Saturday night, so we might end up at Sun Devil Stadium.

However, there is another massive dilemma brewing. Also on Saturday night, Louisville is playing Alabama and Michigan is playing Notre Dame. I think it's nice Notre Dame decided to get back to playing Michigan again instead of scheduling another junior varsity team, and it should be a great game.

The problem is that Doug, my sister Kathy's husband, is a massive Louisville fan and their two children were born there. He's going to want to watch his beloved Cardinals get killed by an elephant. I'm going to watch the Michigan game. There will be a huge issue and massive brawl over the remote, or ....

We could go to the cigar bar.

That's right. Chandler has a couple of cigar bars not far away. Steve and I met up in St. Louis last February for a Blues game, and we ended up at an awesome cigar bar not far from the arena. Steve wants to do it again. I'm all for it. I assume they will have both games on and we'll figure out a way to watch them both.

The moral of the story? Smoking can ruin your health, especially if you are a Louisville or Notre Dame fan.

Or maybe we'll just stay home and jump in the pool during the commercials, and flip between the two games. I'm good either way.

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