Friday, August 24, 2018

Upping our Roland keyboard game

A FEW WEEKS ago we decided to go all in with Roland Pianos at Second String Music. We are stocking quite a few of the amazing Roland keyboards, and you have to play them to appreciate them.

In stock we have the Juno DS-61 ($699), FP-30 ($875 with piano stand/pedals, $699 no stand), RP-501 R ($1,499) and RP-102 BK ($999). These are the same prices you pay online, but we have them here for you to try, plus we assemble the stands and pedalboards for you.

We already sold several, in fact we were waiting to announce these and have them all in stock but kept selling them. It was a challenge to get them all in stock at the same time.

If you buy the RP-501 or RP-102 keyboards by Sept. 15, you get a free iPad Mini. The RPs have Bluetooth and the settings can be controlled by the iPad - Sheryl has been playing them from behind the counter with the iPad Mini they sent the store!

The keys are professionally weighted and there are some very cool sythn sounds, metronomes, percussion and other features. Stacy Taylor of The Cheeseburgers has a Juno and says it washes his dishes for him .... plus makes us sound good!

A reminder to all our friends and students at Vancil Performing Arts that you get 10 percent off, which will save you the sales tax and a few more bucks. Several other piano teachers get this discount for their students too. Just let us know who teaches you piano!

Come see us at Fifth and Maine and play one yourself. We guarantee you will like it.

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