Monday, August 27, 2018

We love kids

THIS IS THE time of year when we get a lot of families in Second String Music. It's school band time, so parents are looking at instruments, books and accessories.

We love it. We love kids. We encourage curiosity and we think it's great when a very young person takes an interest in music. It's amazing how last Saturday we had a ton of families in the store and had a great time.

But it only takes one. (Remember that Sheryl has a broken bone in her back while I recount the story.)

We had a mom and dad in the store with their two young children, probably around 4 and 2. We asked if they needed help and they said no. After about 10 minutes of drum supply shopping, the youngest child unfortunately wandered away and ended up by himself in our bass guitar section. When Sheryl saw him trying to lift at $2,000 American Fender bass off the wall, she firmly but politely asked him not to touch the guitar. For one, it's very heavy and the child could have been hurt. For two, well, it's a very expensive instrument.

The 2 year old was startled and ran  all the way across the room to his parents, then started crying. The parents scooped him up and walked out. Then the fun really started.

The mom got on our Facebook page and complained about our rude behavior, and how disrespectful we were, and how she was going to tell everybody she knew what awful people own Second String Music.
Don't let this stuff fall on your child.

"All that needed to be said to my son was “hey buddy don’t touch okay?” And he would’ve listened. You don’t scat a 4 year old out like that! I’m surprised he didn’t knock EVERYTHING over at that point trying to get out of there the as fast as he did. It took me 20 min for me to even calm him down!" she said.

Hmmmm. That's exactly what happened (without the scatting), and he wasn't fine. She later said it was "just unfortunate you don’t like children!"

Sometimes you just can't win, so we've let it go and moved on. But let me say this loudly and clearly and as simply as possible - we love kids, we encourage you to bring your kids to the store and we are thrilled when music hits home at an early age. We do ask that there be parental supervision around all of the dangerously heavy and expensive instruments. It is only common sense, and we'll be glad to help you, too.

Thank you.

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