Thursday, October 4, 2018

Awful stretch of road

YOU ALWAYS SHUDDER when hearing about a tragic vehicle crash, and Tuesday was no exception when we heard four people were killed on U.S. 24 north of town.

I travel on this stretch of road a lot. It's located between Ill. 96 and 336. Sheryl hates it when we take it to get to Macomb or Camp Point. It's a two-lane road full of hills and curbs.

I did many stories about crashes on the highway. The owner of the Paloma Diner lost both a brother and sister to DUI-related crashes on U.S. 24, spaced many years apart. Leisha Kelly, an amazing local author, died on U.S. 24 with her son. I can remember at least five or six other times where there were horrific crashes and either deaths or serious injuries.

We know people who live out that way and take the road every day to Quincy for work. They don't seem to have issues. If you do it long enough, it becomes habit.

It's the other guy you have to watch, even if you are a safe driver. You never know what the person right behind you or coming your way will do. It sure makes you think.

For now, I am avoiding U.S. 24. If I go up to Macomb to see Emily, I'll get on 336 by going east on Broadway. Same with coming home.

Safe travels, friends. Be careful out there. And say a prayer or two for the four people who perished on the road Tuesday.

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