Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Vote, it's just that simple.

WE ARE ONE week away from a crucial mid-term election. Historically voter turnout tends to be low during mid-terms.

Not this year.

While we definitely have our views and Sheryl isn't afraid to voice them, we do have one major message to you right now - VOTE!

Sheryl preaches this to many people who come into the store. She particularly focused on her immediate family, and she has recruited 10 people to register to vote and get out to vote this year. She does not tell them who to vote for or what party, just that we need everyone to vote.

We keep hearing about how more and more young people are registering and plan to vote, and how important it is to keep our voting process accessible and viable. I'm wondering if this is just because of our current political environment.

Then I saw this video the other day with Cass Elliott and John Denver. It was recorded in August of 1972, a volatile time in our nation's history. Just watch the first minute or so to see what Cass was up to in the year leading up to this performance.

She understood it 46 years ago, and we have it figured out right now.

Vote. It's. Just. That. Simple.

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