Friday, October 5, 2018

QPD body cameras

THE QUINCY POLICE Department now has body cameras for patrol officers and Street Crimes Unit officers. This is a great idea - the camera doesn't lie.

If an unruly person claims he or she was mistreated, the camera will prove them wrong. Or right. So it's good for both sides.

Body cameras on officers isn't new. And officers being filmed is common. When they respond, how often do you see somebody standing there with a cell phone recording video? All the time.

That being said, technology is only as good the human beings behind it. Fortunately for QPD, Sgt. Adam Yates spearheaded the body camera effort and has put in a lot of hours getting it ready for the officers.

Click here for Sgt. Yates explaining more about the cameras. Transparency is a good thing and hopefully video will help the department.

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