Thursday, October 11, 2018

Kash comes a-calling

WE GOT A visit from a candidate for Illinois governor yesterday. Kash Jackson, a Libertarian, was walking around downtown Quincy after doing an interview at WGEM. He came into Second String Music and ended up spending about an hour here, talking about his policies and just life in general. He had a beverage and asked about other places to visit in Quincy, and I thought he was very interesting.

Showing the candidate (middle) EFB!
Tonight in Quincy, Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democrat J.B. Pritzker have a debate. Jackson wasn't invited, being a so-called "third-party" candidate. But he made sure to be in Quincy anyway, even if he isn't allowed to talk with the big boys.

To be honest, I didn't even know he was on the ballot. There's another guy running too, and apparently he's just a Republican with a different party name, but I'll do more digging about him later.

We talked about Jackson's stance on issues like health care and taxes. But mostly it was about life. Kash Jackson is a veteran and he's got some issues, but he didn't steer away from them. Sheryl told him bluntly (I know, Sheryl being blunt. Really?) that she didn't like the fact he changed his name not long ago. Jackson said he'd wanted to change his name (Winterweedle) and his grandparents were big fans of Johnny Cash. Click here for more. He didn't dance around it, anyway.

I'm not big into politics and I'm really disappointed with our current political climate. It's all about money and power, not about getting our state out of desperate financial straits. Illinois is in real trouble and I doubt anybody can save us in one election.

That being said, I like it when candidates try to make themselves available.

So here's my challenge to Gov. Rauner and J.B. Pritzker - you guys wanna stop in at Fifth and Maine before your big debate tonight? Sheryl has already voted but I'm still making up my mind. I have a lot of lessons this afternoon but not until 4 p.m., so come on in and we can shoot the breeze. Even though you are both gazillionaires, I'll even buy you a cup of coffee at Electric Fountain Brewing next door. If Angus likes you, that might help sway my vote.

Or, come back some Friday afternoon during Happy Hour(s). Now that could get interesting!

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