Monday, October 29, 2018

Hopping Saturday night

SATURDAY WAS GLORIOUS in downtown Quincy. The District had its annual Trick Or Treat day and there were hundreds of kiddos with parents down here. Second String Music was again part of the "Teal Pumpkin" program, and we handed out spider rings, colorful erasers and glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth.

Did it mean more business for us? No. But the great thing about Saturday's event was that it brought people down here. Over and over again we heard "I didn't know you were here!" The more things we can do to bring people down here, the better for our downtown.
New bar at 5th & Maine

Next door at Electric Fountain Brewing it was crazy all day. The Red Light Bar & Grill down the street was packed for lunch, and the Farmer's Market was rocking too. Granted, having a beautiful fall day really helped.

I came back Saturday night about 7:45 to get stuff for a HartLyss gig at State Street Bar. I couldn't believe how many people were down here - there wasn't a parking spot to be had on Maine between Fourth and Sixth, and there was all kinds of foot traffic. That's one thing we need to improve down here, the after-hours activities, and it was beautiful to see.

I could hear a band rocking about a block and a half away at On The Rail. There was somebody else loading in for a show at Revelry across the square. As usual, O'Griffs was jumping on Hampshire.

In other words, it was alive down here.

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