Monday, June 3, 2019

Bee Swarms

WE WERE IN the store this morning and saw a swarm of big horse flies on Maine Street, slowly heading west. I didn't think much of it, but Sheryl took a closer look and discovered it was a swarm of bees - nothing to fool with, because many people we know are allergic to bee stings.

A Tree in front of 505 Maine,
break time from swarming.
The swarm made its way slowly up to Fifth and Maine and crossed the street into Washington Park. So, Sheryl went into the park and warned two families about the bees. They beat a hasty retreat to safety and the swarm continued through the park kinda toward 4th St but we aren't sure where it is now.

Could have been worse - they could've invaded Gus Macker or Blues In The District, and that wouldn't have ended well. We are wondering how they managed to make their way downtown - did a hive get knocked down? Do bees migrate and look for new homes if it gets overcrowded?

We did some research, and it's likely they were honey bees. If so, they aren't considered dangerous and they are not likely to sting unless provoked. But if they fly into a mass of people, it isn't good.

We have called some beekeepers and they will find a new home today. Be a little careful if you are walking in the downtown area today.

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