Monday, June 24, 2019

WHILE FEEBLY ATTEMPTING to recover from the rock and roll truck that is HartLyss, it's with a start I realize this weekend is Q Fest weekend.

Yes! More too much fun days and nights! Sleep? We don't need no stinking sleep! It's one of our best weekends in Second String Music and we are right in the thick of things, and love every second of it.

It starts Friday at noon as the artists set up tents with our Noon Acoustic show featuring Steve Rees in Washington Park, and continues with Blues In The District and the amazing Amanda Fish playing in Washington Park Friday night. Music continues all day Saturday and Sunday in the gazebo, and our street party Saturday night will be off the hook.

Josie helping me rest.
Local band Jared & The Gentlemen start at 6 and KC Flo from Kansas City follows. If you haven't been down here for the Q Fest street party, it's a great time. Seeing Maine between Fifth and Sixth packed with people enjoying the music is a beautiful thing.

On Sunday we'll get up and do it again with more great music in the gazebo.

And then we'll wake up in a week, shrug off the rock and roll truck, and get ready to do it again!

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