Monday, June 17, 2019

Happy Doggy Father's Day

Emily and Tucker
Border Collie love!
I HAD A really good Father's Day. I'm blessed to have an awesome daughter, Emily, who came down from Macomb and bought dinner at Maya for Sheryl and Me. Nothing says Father's Day like Mexican!

Emily likes our new cat, CoCo, and she enjoyed playing with the dogs. She's like her dad in that she takes to Tucker, who is like a son to me. So he'd be a brother to Emily. Or something like that.

I had a golf-induced nap in the afternoon, and after we ate I discovered the U.S. Open was still on. In fact it was on until 9 p.m. In fact I took ANOTHER golf-induced coma nap before I went to bed. I'd call that a really good Father's Day!

Saturday night was the last Saturday I'm not playing or doing something until, well, forever. So Sheryl and I decided to be productive and binge-watch the Amazon Prime series Bosch. I actually started watching in the second season and got hooked right away. Now I'm debating whether or not to watch season one, then skip to season three. My next night off will be Sunday night, so I already have an idea what I'll be doing.

CoCo on Twitter
So bring on another week, a busy one at that with three HartLyss shows and Q-Fest only 12 days away. I'm also working on a music project that is going to be really cool, with more details to follow.

I might need to binge-watch more Bosch shows to recover.

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