Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Saving the world a kitty at a time

EARLY YESTERDAY MORNING in front of Electric Fountain Brewing, Talia found a tiny black kitten. It was cowered against the building and quite afraid, so Talia picked it up and got it some creamer and comfort.

The kitten was tiny and had little white boots. It was scared but seemed quite tame and in good shape. You have to wonder how a little thing like that ends up on the street and in downtown Quincy. Sheryl called a friend of ours who specializes in taking care of kittens, and she agreed to take him in.

That wasn't until the evening. He spent the day in the store in a back room, safe and sound and with food and water. He slept in the corner and would come out when we entered, and he was quite content sitting on my lap. He meowed loudly after either Sheryl or I left, which means he might have had some human interaction already.

So he's off to a good home and will have a good life, and we've saved the world yet again, one kitten at a time.

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