Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer on Sixth rocks

WE HAD OUR first of the Summer on 6th Block Party Thursday night and it was a roaring success. Sixth Street between Maine and Hampshire was closed, legendary local band Fielder reformed for a one-off street concert, and there were tons of people down here.

Cori and I (HartLyss) played inside Dame & Hurdle in the Maine Center at Sixth and Maine. Terry Britton had her artwork for sale and the jewelry store did some major business. Vince and his crew were thrilled and noticed there were quite a few first-timers in the store. How can you live in the Quincy and not know about Dame & Hurdle?

Sixth Street was packed and several people mentioned how nice it was to start an event like this. Start? I believe there were a few events two years ago on Sixth and last year they did one the third Thursday of June, July and August. Sometimes you just gotta keep plugging away and hope people will notice the great things that are happening downtown.

Then again, we work down here and we can't expect the world to come to us. It's about effort and teamwork and getting the message out that downtown Quincy is alive and well.

A big thanks to Joy Berhorst and the staff at Domestics for tirelessly promoting the event and visiting everybody to let them know about the party.

HartLyss will be back at Dame & Hurdle July 18 for the next Summer on 6th Block Party. See you in downtown Quincy!

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