Sunday, October 14, 2012

All Caps and FB Posts

IF YOU WANT to see a Facebook post go viral, give somebody a hard time about using all caps to post a status update.

My mother, God bless her soul, was an English teacher, and I have used the language to make a living for half of my years on this earth. So yes, I do get a bit perturbed when people type in all caps for no good reason, or deliberately sabotage spelling to take shortcuts. Text much lately? Right. My point exactly.

A while back I made the mistake of poking fun at a gal on Facebook who uses all caps all the time. She claims it's because she can't see very well, and trying to tell her all caps is actually harder to read and all you have to do is hit the CTRL and + buttons to make the font bigger fell on her deaf keyboard. Then her friends and family came to her aid and pretty soon I was the Iron Sheik or some other bad guy. So I left the FB group, which is too bad because it's a local history page and very interesting. Oh well.

I guess the main reason I don't like all caps is because it makes the writer appear like he or she is shouting, and things are just generally too loud in this world as it is. Don't shout it out, just tell me about it. Please?

Tonight I got irritated at a Cardinals fan who wrote a stupid post in all caps. You know what? There are way more important things going on and bigger issues to get mad about. Like using too many exclamation points. Or the stupid commercial with the kid blowing on his tuba for a virtual audience. GUH.

And I'm having a great Sunday with Sheryl, recovering from Saturday night's Cheeseburger rock and roll truck and enjoying Woodland walks with Bella and Lucy. So I'm feeling better about it.

And there's no reason to shout it out in all caps.

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