Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend To Remember

WE HAD A fabulous weekend in the Q-Town. In addition to having a rare break in Cheeseburger bidness, it was Sammy Fund time and it's one of our favorite events of the year.

When Chuck and June Otte lost their young daughter a decade-plus ago, they decided to do something to remember her and to do something positive in her memory. The first weekend in October now means Saturday is the "Between Friends" craft sale, Sammy Fund walk/run at Madison Park, and the golf tournament Sunday at Westview.

Chuck and June don't like the attention and prefer to let others do the talking. They are two of the best people you will ever come to know. They have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help local children. They do it with smiles and lots of laughter.

They have a lot of help. It's a labor of love. Sheryl and I drove around the golf course Sunday, kibitzed with golfers and poured them beer. I smoked two really bad cigars, hit two tee shots and let the sun hit my face.  Sammy's cousin, Rachel Henke, hung out from the back of the cart and did the Queenly Beer Babe wave.

The night before, I donated a few bucks for the Frank Calkins charity poker tournament. I wasn't the last one out of my table and I accidentally won a hand, so I was happy. Frank was a probation officer and great all around guy who battled ALS with dignity and courage some five years ago, and he's sorely missed.  Family and Friends of Frank Calkins raise funds for local charities close to Frank's heart. Rumor has it he was a shark at the poker table.

It was a great weekend to remember them and give back.

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