Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Freddie Tieken and the Rockers ... in SSM

LEGENDARY SAX PLAYER Jack Inghram stopped by Second String Music the other day with a stack of Freddie Tieken and the Rockers CDs. For those of you who are too young or lived in caves, Freddie and his band were huge in Quincy and the surrounding area in the 1960s.

This is great feel-good and party music. The sax playing is incredible, Vernie Robbins belts out the lyrics and the rhythm section of Jim Vandament on drums and Forrest Moore on bass is top notch. You can't help but tap your toes and imagine the scene of a great Rockers gig at Sheridan Swim Club or the kartways in West Quincy.

Freddie will be back in town in early November, and there are rumors of a jam session after the Holiday Inn gathering. Reportedly they were really hard up for a guitar player and the co-owner of Second String Music might be filling in, as will a Cheesey drummer.

It will be great having Freddie back in town, and you should check it out if you get the chance. SSM also has CDs available in the store for just $10.

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