Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Random Walking Thoughts

I DID SOMETHING this morning I've never done before - I walked to work downtown.

It's only a mile. It's a gorgeous fall day. I put my iPod in my pocket and earphones on, and it took about two seconds, or so it seemed.

My mind was racing the whole time ....

- I'm done with four chapters of my next book project. I walked right past Eighth and Washington. I looked up at the second floor windows of the old store. I swear I saw somebody move up there.

- The sidewalks are clean and the walk is gently downhill from Seventh to State. But when I got to Seventh and State, I stopped. On the left is the big apartment where there was a fire a few years ago, and several people died. It was one of the bigger stories I covered, and I wonder how the families are doing. And I won't even think about the landlord.

- The old church on the east side up by York is very cool. Boarded up and cold and lonely, but cool.

- Did you know there is a downtown mall walkway from the alley behind The Maine Course? Other fire victims are honored on the plaque.

- Amazing how the wind is about 20 mph stronger at Fifth and Maine.

- It struck me as I was walking how I'd followed Hurricane Sandy without even touching the television set. As a reporter I was so surrounded by changes that it was hard to grasp sometimes, and yet there I was this morning, finding out everything on the very laptop I am typing with right now.

- I don't miss DirecTV or cable.

- I'm in such a good mood, I'm not even ticked off about the neighbor who let his dog out, and it ran into our backyard while Sheryl and were at Woodland with the girls, and it was pooping as we got home. Bella and Lucy weren't impressed. Neither are we with the owner. The dog? He was just doing what came naturally. Oh well.

- I always smile when people come in to the store and ask if we have Taylor or Martin guitars, then turn right around when we politely say no. That's okay. Careful though, cause if you play one of our gorgeous Blueridge guitars, you might be fooled. BTW, we do have an incredible 2008 Taylor 426CE LTD with a hard case in the store right now, so we'll see how long it lasts.

- If I have time, I might just walk home! 

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