Thursday, October 18, 2012

Downtown Parking

LAST NIGHT SHERYL and I were talking to a longtime Quincy resident who has property downtown. He said the main issue with our Second String Music at Fifth and Maine is parking.

"There is no parking," he said.

Technically, that is true. But not true. There is plenty of parking within a square block of the store. People, however, don't like it when they have to park half a block or more away.

Sheryl and I usually park down half a block from the store and never use the spaces by the storefront. Those are for customers, NOT for people who work in the WCU Building across the street, but they do anyway. So be it.

Here's what I ask folks about about parking downtown. If you go to Walmart and you park 300 yards away, you don't care, because you are in front of the store. But if you can't get within 50 yards of our place, it's an issue, for some reason?

Downtown is a destination spot, and many people like to browse the shops, restaurants and bars. That's why there should never be a time limit on parking, and that's why QPD should not enforce parking limits. Let people come down here and stay down here.

Saturday, the Tin Dusters are in town and Maine Street will be closed from Fourth to Eighth. That means there will be no parking at all by the store, and it's something we can live with. Park in the deck across from The Herald-Whig on Fifth Street. It's half a block from Maine and easy in, easy out.

Like everything else, it's about attitude. I don't mind walking a block, and I hope our store customers don't, either.

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