Thursday, October 4, 2012

Collection Agent

MY WIFE NEVER ceases to amaze. In addition to putting up with me, she runs a small business, has published a book I wrote and deals with all the interesting people at Fifth and Maine. What's a bum like me doing with a great gal like this?

Anyway, this morning she added to her ever-growing resume when she retrieved a violin.

Last month was absolutely crazy at Second String Music. We knew school band instrument rentals would be big this year but it went viral and we did massive business, and two weeks after music has started in Quincy schools, parents are STILL coming in to rent instruments.

Sheryl was looking at our rentals from last year and noticed one Quincy gal had not paid her monthly fees on a violin. So she did some investigative work, and to make a long story short, found out where the gal lived.

This morning she went over there, politely asked for the violin, and the sleepy gal handed it to her, no problem.

Sheryl Hart, Collection Agent. HUGE.

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