Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Turning To The Dark Side

IN MY PREVIOUS newsguy life, I dealt with a lot of PR people. Good ones were hard to find, to be honest. They'd send out garble and expect it to be printed word for word, if we could even discern what was in the release. I learned in a hurry who the good PR people were, like the awesome Tracy Orne at John Wood Community College and the Blessing Hospital folks back in the day.

Our good friend Laura Sievert does PR for Kirlins and is quite good at it. She is suggesting I'm turning to the Dark Side of The Force, now that I'm the one selling and promoting. Laura is a self-professed Dark Sith Lord of Doom, and she will train me well. And turning to the Dark Side has advantages - the star destroyers are luxurious and you can make inanimate objects fly around, along with performing Jedi mind tricks.

So now I'm on the Dark Side, promoting my book and trying to get a little media luv. I had a lot of fun with friends Greg Haubrich and Rich Cain on WGEM radio this morning, and it was just like old times - You Can't Make It Up!

So ... here's the press release for Rock N Roll Shorts. I have no idea if it's any good. I'll let the media figure that one out.


Former Quincy Herald-Whig staff writer and columnist Rodney Hart has published his first book, a collection of short stories called “Rock N Roll Shorts.”
The stories have music as the theme and are based on true events. They range from a musician fired from his band to a church praise band gone awry. The digital book was published through and is available online at and on iTunes. The paperback version of Rock N Roll Shorts has two additional stories and is available for $6 at Second String Music and at Great Debate Books inside the Maine Center at Sixth and Maine.
Hart is doing a book signing at Great Debate Books on Saturday, Oct. 27 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Hart retired from The Herald-Whig in August 2012 after 16 years at the paper and 24 years in the newspaper business. He and his wife, Sheryl, own Second String Music at Fifth and Maine in Quincy. Hart plays guitar and sings in several area bands, including classic rock cover band The Cheeseburgers.
For more information, contact Hart at (217) 430-1454 or His website is

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