Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Street Theater

I WAS COMING home last night when I noticed a crowd gathered on the corner, and up ahead, several unmarked police vehicles. A local law enforcement agency had pulled over a truck and arrested two individuals. They wouldn't say much about the arrests, but I recognized one of the people and it was pretty clear it was meth-related.

What amazed me was the people on the corner, and one person in particular, gawking and laughing and carrying on like they were at a football game. I guess curiosity gets the better of us, and once a reporter always a reporter, but this was a little ridiculous.

The one person standing there acting like it was a big game really ticked me off. This guy is the very reason we started the Calftown Neighborhood Watch last summer, after he was busted for meth with his brother and ex-wife. She's already pleaded guilty. His case has been delayed but appears to finally be going through the system. Of course he is out on bond, despite numerous prior convictions and legal issues, walking around like he doesn't have a care in the world.

Last summer, we as neighbors finally had enough. The Calftown Neighborhood watch was born out of this frustration. We have to use our eyes and ears and we need to let everybody know we are not tolerating illegal activity. If you cook meth we will let the people in our criminal justice system know and they will build their case.

And when this one guy goes down, I might just be in the front row in the courtroom, just like the old days. Only I won't be getting paid.

It will still be worth it.

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