Monday, December 17, 2012

3 Man Jam

WE'VE BEEN OPEN Sunday afternoons this Christmas season, and it's been a smart move - we've had more than a few people in the store and we've done quite well.

We've had small and informal jam sessions, and yesterday an older gentleman showed up with his friend, who is one of my guitar students. The student simply wanted to soak it in while watching us play. Then Second String Music jam session legend Tim Smith showed up, and the three of us sat around like old friends for a couple of hours playing.

Tim is a new country and classic rock fan. I'm a burned out 80s hair band guy who prefers Who, not what. And our new friend is a traditional country guy. All that didn't matter a bit - skill level and music preference is immaterial at a good jam session.

I enjoy playing in front of people, playing in the band, etc. But hanging out with acoustic guitars and trading war stories, lies and singing oldies but goodies is my favorite way to go. You always learn something and all of the sudden two hours have flown, and you know it's been good.

Our next Friday night jam session will be in January, and I'm already looking forward to it. We are also open one more Sunday afternoon, Dec. 23, and we can make it fly by if you want to come hang out!

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