Friday, December 14, 2012

Special Places In Hell

I WAS GOING to do something about a dumb and immaterial topic.

Not now.

There are special places in hell reserved for people who shoot children in a school. I'm sure we'll hear all about how the shooter was disturbed, angry about something. Whatever. I couldn't give less of a flying bleep.

Prayers to the victims and families. That's all that counts right now.

If I see a story in our local media about "how this will impact you," I will scream. Of course it hits home with us, and the last thing I want to read, hear or watch is some bubble-headed bleach blonde telling me how. But now you know why we have metal detectors, police training and other things in our schools.

Because it could have just as easily happened right here.

Another special place in hell is for child pornographers, which you will here more about in our local media in a bit. Let's just say we know the person involved and it doesn't surprise us, but it does sicken us.

Yeah, I know, innocent until proven guilty, blah blah blah. Fine. Let this person have his day in court. I'm just glad he isn't around anymore, because when the person showed up, I always felt like taking a shower after he left, and now I really know why.

Happy Friday. On a more positive but insignificant note, the store continues to rock and it's the weekend. Take solace if you can.

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