Monday, December 3, 2012

This is December?


- This is December? It's 70-plus degrees and a warm wind is blowing. I'm not complaining. But I'll still take a white Christmas.

- We had a huge weekend at Second String Music. People are starting to get serious about Christmas presents and the Christkindle Market in Washington Park drove a boat-load of people downtown. Sheryl is getting her restocking list ready!

- I don't miss DirecTV, but I'm wistful as college bowl season approaches. Almost every game is on ESPN, not that I'm watching every one. Still, when my Central Michigan Chippewas play the day after Christmas, I'll have to figure out a way to watch it.

- I'm getting a lot more reading done, and I just finished an excellent biography of former NHL defenseman Brad Park, featuring photos by Second String Music cat-lover of doom, Lewis Portnoy.

- Rats. That reminds me that I'm done watching NHL hockey ever again. Idiots.

- Still haven't gotten down to the River Skate rink in Clat Adams Park. Put it on the wish list for December.

- Had a great time with the guys from the Golden Kiwanis Club this morning. Sold a few books, laughed a lot and enjoyed the fellowship. I loved the singing of Christmas tunes at the beginning of the meeting, too.

- Playing tonight for the State Street Bank Christmas Party. Survived a riotous Cheeseburgers gig Saturday night at the State Room for the Kohl Wholesale gathering, and we play for Refreshment Services Pepsi's big gathering this Saturday at the Oakley-Lindsay Center.

- And lastly, if you are thinking of what to get somebody for Christmas, stop in at Fifth and Maine. We have a lot of really cool items, even for non-musicians. Plus we'd like to have you hang out and make sure Fast Eddie is behaving, unlike yesterday when he had a little too much cat nip ....

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