Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday morning stuff ...

AH YES, THREE days till Christmas and no Mayan disaster. That we know of ....

- Yup. I got the canister stuck in the bank drive-through this morning. It only contained a chunk of yesterday's sales. A big chunk. GUH. The gals at State Street Bank at 8th and State are the best.

- Heading out tonight to see Reasonable Doubt at the Blind Pig. Great bunch of guys and it will be nice to watch a good band play.

- Preparations continue for the huge New Year's Eve show at One Restaurant with The Cheeseburgers and The Hipnecks. The joint will be jumping so don't wait to get tickets ...

- Our first brush with winter meant spreading salt on the sidewalk outside the door. Can you say vacuum? Knew you could.  Sheryl can't.  ha

- I can't believe I'm saying this, but Bing Crosby is playing on the store stereo and his Christmas songs are actually .... perfect.

- We had another great impromptu jam session last night in the store. Those are always the best. Later we made it out to Rock A Bye's States Attorney Office Christmas party and then a housewarming gathering featuring drug counselors, our ordained ministeress, and The Maulers.You. Can't. Make. It. Up.  The kitty kisses were much appreciated by Sheryl.  Thanks Gail and Steve!

The Maulers play 2010 wedding in Camp Point!
- Second String Music is sponsoring the next Maulers show in June of 2013.  More details later BUT we are the biggest sponsors of Tribute Air Bands in the world.  Not lying!

- Slooowwww down. That's my advice as we careen toward Christmas day. Have a great Saturday!

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