Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A way to remember shooting victims

TONIGHT IN WASHINGTON Park a 7 pm, across the street from Second String Music, a vigil is planned to honor the shooting victims at Sandy Hook.

Greg Haubrich of WGEM is organizing the event. Hats off to Greg. It's the best way to remember the important things about this event - the people who were directly impacted.

I tried watching some of the network news coverage but could only take so much. I did watch President Obama at Sunday's prayer vigil and thought his remarks were very well done. I'm not getting into the gun control debate or mental health debate, but this country needs to take a harder look at several very difficult issues.

I have followed events online from newspapers and places I trust. Old newspaper guy habits don't fade, I guess.

Hope you can make it out to the park tonight. We'll probably have the lights on in the store, too, and remember.

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