Monday, December 31, 2012

One Eventful Year

Git Cheesey to ring in 2013!
I CAN SINCERELY say 2012 was one of the most amazing, eventful and rock and roll years of our lives. We moved Second String Music to Fifth and Maine in Quincy and the results have been tremendous. I quit my job of 16 years and have had some productive down time while trying not to annoy Sheryl too much in the store. I wrote a book, and started on two others. And I rocked almost every weekend with The Cheeseburgers, and made a bunch of friends.

Happy New Year, and if things keep going in this direction, the adventure will only continue to get better. I will be making an announcement in a week or so about some future part-time employment plans, more like freelancing on a regular basis.

It's snowing like crazy today, very peaceful as I look out over Washington Park. Tonight we play at One Restaurant to ring in the new year, and tomorrow I will hang out with Sheryl, the dogs, shovel off the sidewalk and reflect on a great year, and the promise of 2013.


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