Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Different look at my daugher

MY DAUGHTER, EMILY, is many things. She is a straight A student at WIU, a brilliant musician, seriously funny, lazy like her dad, stubborn and intent, and she makes us proud.

She also knows how to have fun. Like her dad. GUH.

Whatta silly girl ....
New Year's Eve, and the The Cheeseburgers are playing at One Restaurant. We love playing at a party when people are ready to have a good time, and a party it was. We were getting ready to start our second set when up comes Emily with a bunch of her friends. And yes, they were ready to party.

At first I was a bit mortified. Where is the little girl I used to cart around to piano and oboe lessons, coach in basketball, play sock football with on the front lawn, and watch Michigan blow another bowl game?

Oh. There she is. Dancing and laughing her head off with her buddies.

Emily turned 21 more than three months ago. Let's get a few other things straight - while they were having fun, nobody was falling over, and they had a young man with the group who was the designated driver. And while we were up there playing, they were having a blast. Later Emily borrowed our big red cowboy hat and wore it around the bar the rest of the night

When I think back to my college days, it's apparent I have no right to preach. I did tell her to be careful on NYE and the nights before when she was out with friends, and I've always talked to her about being responsible. And she always listens.

So. I let it go. It's still a bit strange to watch, but she's out there with her buddies, having a great time, a young person with goals and dreams and the whole world in front of her. All good.

I guess I don't have to tell her to grow up. Phew!

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