Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rain rain rain


There, I feel better already.

- It's pouring rain outside, which means Second String Music has rain inside. Ahhhh, the joys of a 113 year old building.

- At least the rain is keeping all the WCU Building smokers from littering the street and sidewalk with butts. I went on a Facebook rant about this yesterday. Smoking is disgusting enough, but wanton disregard for property and other people who have to deal with the aftermath is even worse.

- How about something more positive, like this Friday's Dancing With The Local Stars. Read my Local Q blog about it here.

- More on this later, but we are looking for musical acts for the Mid-Summer Arts Faire. 

- Looks like Lucy and Bella will be getting some company. We are visiting with a Border Collie named Tucker Wednesday night. What are the chances of Sheryl melting on the spot? About the same as the rain coming into our back room.

- Off to a meeting and to do the Fifth Street crawl. Don't shrink out there.

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