Monday, January 28, 2013

Big Cheesey Weekend

MY GOAL ON Sunday is to stay awake during the Super Bowl. Too much fun the two nights before might make me sleep all day Sunday.

We have a big Cheeseburgers weekend lined up, starting Friday night at One Restaurant, Sixth and Hampshire in Quincy. One is a fun place to play, with a nice big stage, an awesome staff, good food and very cool owners who believe in promoting local music. We had a ball New Year's Eve but we have a lot of songs we didn't get to play and we've learned a few new tunes with the addition of bass player Don Van Dyke.

And - there is no cover!

Assuming we survive and wake up Saturday morning, we get ready to play Saturday night at the annual South Side Boat Club Mardi Gras party. We've done this several years in a row and it's not for the faint of heart - these people know how to have fun! If you want a table you need to get there early, and the cover is just $5.

Both gigs start at 8-ish. Bring your dancing shoes and let 'er rip on the weekend - we can all nap during the Super Bowl halftime show!

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