Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Breaking My Heart

TELL ME THERE is a more helpless feeling than when you computer breaks.

We are so dependant on technology and we take for granted all the stuff normally at our fingerprints. One person I am not taking for granted, and I just bought her a french toast muffin from Krazy Cakes with bacon, is my wife. She puts up with all my dumb questions and inability to remember passwords. My new password for everything is "dumbbleep et al." I think. I can't remember.

I'm working on the Second String Music computer and it's hyper sensitive. So my screwups are because this keyboard pad takes a lot to get used laskdjfowier to, especially when you hit the wrong bu7023840238ablhf; tton by accident.

Sheryl says she is building me a new computer. Whether we retrieve my files and my half finished books from the old one remains to be seen. Don't get the little Dell Inspiron Duo notebooks. They are 57a;sdjfa crap.

Hey. How do I log back onto Facebook, anyway? Man, this is a pain in the 7723ghry,kduo .....

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