Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Emily is a Musical genius!

A WEEK FROM Sunday, Emily has her senior oboe recital at Western Illinois University.

Wait a second ... wasn't this yesterday?
Wait a second. SENIOR oboe recital? The next thing you'll tell me is that yesterday it was 60 degrees and today it's snowing in Quincy.


Emily is a big senior and getting ready to graduate. She has grad school auditions lined up at some heavyweight programs. I'm still trying to figure out how to beat her in a game of one-on-one on the neighbor's basketball court, and not be embarrassed by being schooled by an 8 year old.

So I will sit there and watch and try not to cry. Good lord, where has the time gone?

Sometimes I cringe when hearing parents brag about their kids. Emily is very unassuming and matter of factly told us she has audition at Julliard in New York City. She's probably wishing I'd write about something else.

Well, too bad. She rocks. And she has the whole world in front of her.

Go Em Go!

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