Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Hate Shopping

I DID SOMETHING TODAY I haven't done in probably 15 to 17 years - I bought sneakers.

Running shoes, basketball shoes, walking shoes, they cost a million bucks shoes, whatever you want to call them. I paid a lot of money for them. But my feets are my feets.

I worked for Gus Macker for many years and got free shoes every summer. When did shoes start costing three figures? Sometimes I really miss Gus.

I first place I went to was a big box on East Broadway. It was depressing. There was stuff strewn everywhere, and an automated intercom system kept asking for cashier help and "sales assistance in bedding." Of course there were no size 14 shoes, no extra big socks, no jeans in my size, nothing.


Off to the next spot. This required a visit to the Quincy Mall, a place I avoid at all costs. No shoes. No socks. No jeans. Nada nada nada. I almost went to the FYE and bought a Bryan Adams CD to cheer myself up.

Finally, I stopped at Carl's Shoes and talked to Jamie Blaesing, who is awesome and has helped me find shoes before. There were some really good ones, and I made him work to find the right size, and eventually I settled on a pair of black New Balance shoes.

The Dutchman in me flinched. But feet are feet. These shoes look good. My wife approved of the choice. And Jamie rocks.

It's like anything else, you get what you pay for, and you go back to the places that treat you right. Kinda like us here at Fifth and Maine.

Thank you Jamie. I appreciate your cheerful help and professional demeanor, and I'm sorry I made you throw away my nasty old battered shoes. I promise not to call the EPA to inspect your dumpster later today.

Soon it will time for my next favorite thing in the whole world .... shopping for socks online.

Or sticking needles in my eyes.

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