Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Faking It. Really?

I DIDN'T WATCH the presidential inauguration. Apparently something called Bouncy sang the national anthem and got lots of love.

Now, apparently, Bouncy is being accused of lip-synching.

No. Really? Gasp. Double gasp.

Supposedly, Bouncy didn't want to "risk" singing it live. I will grant that our national anthem is a tough song to sing and it has given many people fits.

The people in charge say this doesn't reflect on Bouncy's musical ability. Pffftt. Leave it alone - you shouldn't hit every softball lobbed your way out of the park.

Coming to a karaoke bar near you soon - Bouncy!

She is "performing" at halftime of the Super Bowl. I'd rather watch the Harbaugh brothers text each other or give their mom roses, or watch Ray Lewis preach.

Sorry, Bouncy. That big click you'll hear, if your backing track isn't playing too loud in your earpiece, is my TV turning off. That's OK. Millions will still watch your "live performance."

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