Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Maintenance Guy

IT'S NICE TO have a great maintenance man. Second String Music is in a 116-year-old building and has some issues, though for the most part the main floor is in good shape.

The building owner lives out of town. Fortunately he hired Bill Weckbach to be his fixer-upper, and Bill has been there for us every time.

We have a back storage area with leaky roof issues. I called Bill, he came over, we looked at the area, and he formed a plan. Then he came back with a shovel, a sump pump, 2 more kiddie pools, a black tarp and some gray tape.  Then we put the plan into action.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention SSM legend rehab man Frank Haxel, who came with me New Year's Eve to dump out a wading pool full of water. I bribed him with "SoCo" brand cough medicine. It all worked out.

Yesterday Bill and I went crawling around on the second-floor roof. Always an adventure, finding burned up sump pumps and buckets full of water in walkways. The old skylights on the roof are way cool, too.  Today he comes back to fill in holes after pumping out 1000 gallons of water yesterday afternoon.

Anyway, I appreciate Bill's hard work, easy demeanor and the fact he actually cares. More than a few landlords and maintenance guys could take a lesson or two from him.

Thanks Bill!

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