Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another Border Collie

HERE'S A BIG fat hairy welcome to the newest Hart, Tucker.

He's a 7-year-old Border Collie, a handsome boy in desperate need of TLC. His owners couldn't take very good care of him and finally relinquished him up to a local rescue group.

We've been told he's a Border Collie but we think he may have some Australian Shepherd. He is a red merle color and very friendly.

Sheryl had been making noise about getting another Border Collie, going even so far as to contact a Rescue  Group with a beautiful BC, Biscuit that lives up in Wisconsin. I was not sure about the idea - dogs need a lot of love and Border Collies are high-energy, and we work a lot.

But as soon as we saw Tucker on Facebook (yup, social media strikes again), we were smitten. We met him last night at the Quincy Kennel Club and he didn't take long to warm up to us.

Lucy, the Queen of Calftown, couldn't care less and I actually think she likes having another similar dog around. They have had some hilarious peeing competitions already - and Lucy always has the last laugh, and last pee.

Bella the Destroyer, on the other hand, is dumber than a box of rocks and very protective, and we've had a few snippy incidents already. But when Sheryl took Lucy and Tucker to the vet this morning, Bella was very unhappy. She missed her buddies.

Maybe some of the Border smartness will rub off on Bella, though I doubt you can squeeze water from a rock.

So Sheryl brought Tucker to the store this morning after his Vet appointment.  He has a little ear infection, got his rabies shot and got a bath.  Eddie is a bit unsure.  We are in love and I kinda like having another boy in the house.

Come by for a visit!