Thursday, January 3, 2013

Post Christmas Blues

I TOOK THE Christmas tree down New Year's Day.

"You did?" my wife said. This, despite the fact she was on the couch reading the entire time I struggled and cursed more than the dad in "A Christmas Story."

Ahhh, the post-Christmas blues ....

- Happiness is taking your dogs for a walk in the snow. Happiness is not seeing your dumb dog named Bella with a piece of frozen pizza hanging from her mouth during the walk.

- Second String Music store traffic has returned to normal and steady after a hectic Christmas season. Lots of cool stuff in here still ....

- Gotta wonder about the guy down the street who has been "closing" his business for the past two months, and keeps posting he has more stuff to sell.

- Bill O'Reilly is a blowhard who likes listening to the sound of his own voice. But his book, "Killing Kennedy," is quite good.

- I like hitting "unsubscribe" on Facebook.

- Guess there's little chance we'll be skating on real ice this winter after all.

- I'm officiating some Little Devils games Saturday. Ouch. My shins are already barking at me. However, we have resumed Pilates at NuFit so I may survive.

- Also resumed guitar lessons at Second String Music. My newest student is the hilarious and engaging Jamison Reis, son of Emily's best teacher ever, Jill Schinderling Reis. Jamison is the same age Emily was when Emily had Jill as a teacher at Berrian. Wow. Did we blink too hard and somehow miss 13 years?

- Continue to be amazed at our other SSM guitar teacher, Jim Bier. I am living proof you are never too old to learn how to really play guitar.

- And .... we'll really kick off 2013 right with another store jam this Friday night. One of these times we'll get organized and actually take the Second Stringers out for a show!

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