Friday, January 25, 2013

Newest Cheeseburger

IT'S A RITE of passage to take band pics whenever a new member joins. We had our third such session since I joined The Cheeseburgers nearly three years ago, this time to unleash new bass player Don Van Dyke to the world.

"I hate these pics," Burt said. "Until the next person quits, I guess they will do."

"I look older and older, the more pics we take," says Kirk. "Then again, I am the oldest one in the band, older than all you other bleepers."

"What? We took pics?" said Eric.

"Cheeseburgers give me gas. It's gonna be a long practice after this, boys," I said.

We made Don go get the cheeseburgers for the photo. We made the drummer's better half take the pics. And I was forced to drink Keystone to wash the taste out of my mouth. Desperate times require desperate measures.

Anyway, here he is, in all his Cheesey glory. Welcome Don Van Dyke, a good bass player who fits right in with us miscreants, which is just as important.

"Gosh," said Don, when he saw the pics. "I look like Brian Wilson."

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