Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Acoustic Show

I won't be wearing the Cheesey hat.
I'M STEPPING OUT a bit this week by playing a couple of acoustic shows at the Cafe J on North 30th Street, as part of our Six String Heroes at Jefferson Barracks promotion this month.

Sara Heiden asked me to play because Blue Cross Blue Shield is a big supporter of SSHJB, and they are putting on the breakfast and lunch deal this week at Cafe J. Sara works for Blue Cross Blue Shield and she did an amazing job last year selling T shirts and raising money for the program.

So I'm playing Wednesday and Friday at noon. It will be background music I'm sure, but that's OK. Second String Music even procured a small PA system, and it will make its debut.

I haven't played a solo acoustic show in a long, long time. I did about 45 minutes before a Cheeseburger show at One last year, and all I remember is that I was really rusty. Playing and singing by yourself isn't easy, and I've become used to doing the band thing.

My good buddy Wayne Bridges will be joining me Friday. Wayne is a graduate of the Six String Heroes program and a great guy, and he is an awesome example of how the program helps veterans.

I will probably mix in a few originals and play some stuff you might not normally hear. And it could be an awful lot of fun.

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