Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Filling guitar lessons schedule

ONE OF THE things that have really taken off here at Second String Music are guitar lessons. Over Christmas we picked up quite a few of the "bucket list" people who just want to learn, along with younger players. Jim Bier is steadily gaining more students, and I'm about booked up, but we try our best to add new students.

Our friends at Vancil Performing Arts are also rocking with lessons, and not just with guitar students, from the young to the more experienced.

The guitar can be a bit frustrating to learn, and a little help goes a long way. We've had people come in for a month or two, then take off on their own. I've sent a few students to Jim since he's far more experienced and a much better player - if you are serious about the guitar, he's your guy.

We are also expanding and adding lesson rooms in the back, and having more fun that should be allowed along the way.

Come see us if you want to get started, need some refresher courses or just want to get better!

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