Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shovel this ....


- Our lesson rooms in the back of Second String Music are getting closer to completion. Sheryl is out buying paint, doors, stain and door knobs right now. Now that will be exhausting, watching Frank Haxel hang those doors.

- So let me get this straight. Everybody around here was going crazy because we were supposed to get another big storm. But it never came. So Q-Town was deserted yesterday. Today it's snowing again, but nobody really seems to care and the cars are sliding through Fifth and Maine with the usual cast of idiots behind the wheels. The moral of the story is that if you think it's coming but it doesn't, then it does come but it's not supposed to, it's OK. What?

Frank Working.
- I'm wondering if I can convince fellow Pepper Spray buddy Tim Smith to fly Sheryl and I to a Lake Michigan beach this summer.

- Who is the best guitar player you've ever seen play in a local band? I know my pick. There's a story about him and his new band in this Thursday's Whig.

- Gotta go watch Frank paint. Pray for me. Thanks.

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