Thursday, February 7, 2013

Giving back, but not all the time

AS SOON AS we opened Second String Music two years ago, we started hearing from charities wanting us to "give back" to various causes.

Sheryl and I decided early on we would support Six String Heroes as our main charity.  Helping Veterans is close to our hearts and we saw a huge need right here in Quincy.

We have given money, baskets and hung signs for fundraisers and Sheryl always advertises events with her Facebook page, What To Do In Quincy, IL.

We want to support our local charities and give what we can. There are a ton of great non-profits in the area that help so many people. But just because we don't doesn't mean we are bad people. We have a budget and we watch every dime, and we are still a young business and have to be careful with our money.

If we don't know you and you come in and ask for money, I will probably try to find out a little bit more about your cause or event before helping. We like to have a personal connection to the charities we support.

Most important, it never hurts to ask, and we welcome the opportunity to give and help as much as we can. Our local benefits and charitable events are important.

If we can't help financially, ask how else we might be able to help!

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  1. As someone that helps with many Veterans events and causes in the area, I can say you guys have always been awesome. I have never ask you for cash or anything like that, but you have always been willing to put up a poster or collect Pepsi caps for me and my causes. For that I Thank You