Thursday, February 14, 2013

Top love and not love songs

I AM NOT very sentimental and I fail miserably at things like Valentine's Day. Sheryl lets me take her to dinner the next day since she even hates it. I am a fortunate man, love my wife, etc. She went to Krazy Cakes the other day to get chocolate covered bacon. What a great no-hassle woman!

So here's my list of love and not love songs for all you big romantic fools.

1. LOVE HURTS, Nazareth. One of the greatest guitar solos ever from a tone perspective.

2. I'M NOT IN LOVE, 10cc. Underrated schmaltz band from the 70s. Even Ozzy professes his love for this not love song, and in high school I'd turn it up as loud as possible, cuz it was true.

3. LOVE STINKS: Two reasons. First, J. Geils, enough said. Second, The Wedding Singer. Ditto.

4. BARGAIN, The Who. Often overlooked song from the greatest album ever recorded in the history of humanity, Who's Next. This is actually a song about God, and Pete Townsend goes nuts with his ARP synthesizer.

5. WALKING ON THE MOON, The Police. As Sting himself puts it so eloquently, to be in love is to be free of gravity.

6. I HAD A GOOD TIME, Boston. Sheryl's all-time favorite. She even tried to play it at our wedding. Goof Ball.

7. LOVE AIN'T NO STRANGER, Whitesnake. C'mon ... acoustic guitar, sappy keyboards, big hair band sound.

8. I WALK BESIDE YOU, Dream Theater. Even though the keyboard player rotates on stage.

9. GIRL ON THE MOON, Foreigner: Really. Another forgotten song from a monster album.

10. There is no 10, because love isn't perfect. It just is. Proooofound.


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