Thursday, February 21, 2013

Two years? Really?

THIS SATURDAY WE celebrate the two-year anniversary of Second String Music. Hard to believe.

We started at Eighth and Washington with some stuff from Vegas Music and four guitars, three of them mine. Slowly but surely we've grown and today we are rocking at Fifth and Maine, where we moved last July.

Sometimes I miss the old store in Calftown. It was perfect to start the business and had character. I drive by the corner every day and sadly, the empty building looks forlorn. This is where I could rant about clueless landlords but really, who has the time and what's the point?

I miss giving lessons in the back room and hanging out with Warren on Saturday mornings. I liked walking the short block and a half home. Man, we had some raucous parties in that place. I miss smoking bad cigars on the corner and fitting right in with The Hood.

I found the above video from the first night we ever went into the store knowing it was our new home. Geesh. Sheryl and I had an idea of the adventure ahead, but I had no clue we'd be here two years later.

While it was the perfect place to start our business, there's no doubt the move downtown was huge and has more than worked out.

So, we have much to be thankful for and to celebrate this Saturday. We'll toast our friend Pat Cornwell and we'll have a bunch of specials and deals, and since I've got a rare Saturday night off, I'll be in the mood to roll.

Thanks for a great two years!

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