Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Church Scholarship

EMILY WAS HOME a few weeks ago and went to her old church. We used to attend First Union Congregational at 12th and Maine, and sometimes I miss it, there were a lot of good people there.

Serious Oboe Players!
Emily has decided to attend Eastman in Rochester, N.Y., to pursue her post-graduate degree in music performance. She got a great offer from Eastman after auditions at Northwestern, Cleveland and Julliard.

It still isn't cheap, and First Union has a scholarship available. I am encouraging Emily to take advantage of the opportunity, because every dime helps.

It's comforting and gratifying to know the fine folks at 12th and Maine still remember Emily, who grew up in the church.

Also, she graduates from Western Illinois in 12 days. GUH. Let's do the time warp again ....

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  1. Of course we have fond memories of Emily at First Union and were thrilled to have her with us again on the weekend of her performance with the Quincy Symphony Orchestra. Although oboe crowns her amazing musical gift, she was a fantastically talented member of the Bell Choir at First Union. I wish her the very best at Eastman. Marianne