Friday, May 31, 2013

Rain Walk

THE THING ABOUT Border Collies and a really dumb Lab is that they have to run. If they don't get regular exercise, they are miserable, and they make you miserable.

Bella is the dumb black Lab and when she steps on your foot, you howl, curse and look for things to throw. Then you look at her face and she says, "Hey, bonehead, we need to walk. NOW."

It's been rainy and miserable around here this week, so this morning I decided to take the girls and Tucker to our favorite walking destination. It was raining steadily and I wondered a bit before going, but the dogs don't mind the rain, as long as there isn't thunder or lightning. Then they hide in bathtubs or basements. Smart dogs!

Lucy, the Border/Aussie mix, sticks her head out the window and loves to feel the rain on her face. Tucker just loves to run. Bella is out of control at first and barrels everywhere, but then settles down to chase squirrels, dig up moles and splash through puddles.

It's still warm. The rain feels good on my head. The smell is glorious, damp grass and clothes-out-of-the-dryer fresh. I take Bella's lead and splash through the puddles, too.

Now we are home and the dogs are pooped and laying at my feet, and all is right with the world.

Hey. The rain stopped!

Only love can make it rain ....

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